Thursday, March 30, 2017

** PREMIERE ** Lions of Dissent - Feel The Bliss

Words: Ellie Ward

Wolverhampton collective Lions of Dissent follow up last summer's 'Heaven Sent' and their end year 'X Y Z', with their first venture of 2017.

Self-produced 'Feel The Bliss' which Little Indie brings you here for the first time, is described by founding member and songwriter Tim Baker as a song about, "contrasts of thought, a tale about trying to be your own saviour as we search for peace of mind in a world of uncertainty. At times a dark narrative, but ultimately ending with a salvo of optimism.

“We all face our own battles and demons everyday… sometimes they beat us… but more importantly, sometimes we beat them.”

Pounding bassline, hypnotic rhythms, punchy vocals and a great electronic dance groove are a staple part of Lions of Dissent's work, and they are all in evidence here on 'Feel The Bliss'.

The group, who operate in a different way by not calling any of their music a single or EP, or stating it as an official release, instead choosing to put songs and videos out intermittently, slowly building up momentum and by-passing the usual unsigned band treadmill.

Everything is self-produced and created from within, from the words, music, studio production, video production, art design and website, to screen printing t-shirts and curating photoshoots.

There are currently 10 members working across the various parts, including a creative director, songwriters, musicians, producers, filmmakers, web developers and graphic designers.

Those featured on 'Feel The Bliss' are:

Tim Baker - creative direction, words, music, video, guitar, vocals, synthesiser, studio production, arrangement
Simon Weaver - studio production, arrangement, drums, synthesiser
Rob Wear - guitars
Darryl Starr - bass
Sister Minor - art and design
Nicole McCarthy - vocals
Mary McCarthy - vocals
Lindsay Wiggin - vocals
Shaun Owen - humourist


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