Sunday, April 09, 2017

Introducing :: Dome Hall

Words: Linn Branson

We have to be honest here about Dome Hall, who have just released their debut single 'Marske Woods'.

Taken from what will be the newly emerged Newcastle band's first EP out later this year, when they first sent it to us some weeks ago we were in two minds about it.

Firstly, although they described themselves as "indie rock" there didn't seem a lot of rock going on, in 'Marske Woods' at least. Alt-indie-folk, maybe? The opening instrumental seconds we thought might have been better clipped by half, as when it gets going proper - particularly with Danny Lynd's vocals which are very good and carry the song well - it's not at all bad. The melodies flow along at an easy pace, with well-woven guitar and some thumping drum breaks. There's also some interesting, and unexpected, jazzy sax in it.

We still think at approaching five minutes it's at least a minute too long, but its summery feel is going to be right for the coming months.

There's a chance to see what they can do live on April 28 when they play Newcastle's Hit The North Festival.

Dome Hall are: Danny Lynd - lead vocals, guitar; Matty Floyd - bass, vocals; Olly Brooks - sax; Matt Edge - keys, Dom Hall - drums.

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