Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Introducing :: Long-Distance

Words: Richard Cobb

We were instantly taken with this impressive recently released debut single ‘Grail’ by Glasgow four-piece Long-Distance when it found its way to our inbox.

The track, which was mixed and mastered by Beau Burchell (Saosin, Moose Blood), opens with a hauntingly atmospheric introduction before some 1975-esque vocals kick in from vocalist Scott. A meandering bassline follows, accompanying the vocals alongside some soft percussion, before the sky opens up and the track bursts into life at the half-way point.

There’s rather an air of mystery surrounding this band - whether unintentional or by design - and it’s been as easy digging up information on them as it has been uncovering the Holy Grail - possibly what the band are alluding to with their song title. What we do know is the band's journey began back in 2013, before they locked themselves away writing and joining the dots ahead of emerging this year; which if it has truly taken them almost four years to produce their first single, we are not expecting a full-length in the imminent future.

About ‘Grail’, the band advise that: “It’s about not being content with the hand you’re dealt. The mundane everyday that holds us back.”

Live dates are to follow later in the year.

Long-Distance are: Scott - vocals, Jonathan - guitar, Andrew - bass, David - drums.

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