Thursday, April 27, 2017

Listen :: Collapsing Scenery get down to the gritty groove on 'Straight World Problems'

Credit: Olivia Jaffe

Words: Linn Branson

Featured last September in our weekly Hot Ten roundup, 'Metaphysical Cops' was our first intro to NYC guitarist Don De Vore (Ink & Dagger, The Icarus Line) and LA singer Reggie Debris, collectively known as Collapsing Scenery. The dark and noisy electronic track fused together with samplers, step sequencers, synths and drum machines, was sharp and discordant, but ultimately set itself apart.

This latest, 'Straight World Problems', released digitally on May 18 via BlackBook, is less of an angular beast, relying on more groove-orientated, disco dancefloor vibe, although the opening 80-plus seconds strike a cacophony of experimental touches, that interplay at points throughout. Part of the appeal of Collapsing Scenery is their ability to work in a number of elements that straddle genres. 'Straight World Problems' - which Debris explains is about "the awful frequency with which new regimes and new systems mimic the worst qualities of those they replace"  - is no exception.

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