Thursday, May 18, 2017

EP Review :: Airways - Starting To Spin



Starting To Spin (self release)

May 19 2017


Words: Richard Cobb

Ahead of their UK tour with Nothing But Thieves next week, Peterborough’s indie rockers Airways release this debut EP. It's interesting the link with Nothing But Thieves as the five tracks were produced with Julian Emery (who has previously worked with the band) and NBT's own guitarist, Dom Craik.

Opener and last single release ‘One Foot’ grabs you like an unrelenting pit bull within the first few seconds. There’s some really engrossing layers on this track too that gives it decent replay ability. Sonically it’s similar to Cage the Elephant, there’s also undeniable lyrical similarities: “One foot in front of the other”, compared with CTE’s “In one ear and right out the other" (‘In One Ear’). Vocally it leans more towards Jamie T, but a bit more laid back and controlled, as though singer Jake Daniels has opted for a nettle tea instead of smashing down a fifth pint of Jagerbomb.

After a healthy start to the EP, ‘White Noise Boys’ plods along a bit and doesn’t really go anywhere significant, until 2:30 in when the guitar solo sounds like it’s channelling a dial up internet connection. The early stitch is gone by track three, ‘Reckless Tongue'. The devising bass and drums set the theme for this song; the guitar solo sounds perfect on this one too.

Closing number 'Mate' has an interesting synth on it, which just about saves it, but there’s an unfortunate recurring issue which I can’t seem to shake off.
The vocals tend to be at the forefront of the songs - and don’t get me wrong, the vocals are impressive - however, the underlying issue and something that I feel lets them down, is a sense of lyric immaturity. Music being incredibly subjective, however, if you’re more focused on your music than your lyrics, you might want to give this a go. There’s definitely still a market for this genre, you just have to look at the continued success of The Courteeners to know that people still buy into straightforward guitar music. I just personally think it sounds quite tired on this one, that’s all.

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