Tuesday, July 04, 2017

EP Review :: Bellevue Days - Rosehill


Bellevue Days


July 4 2017 (Kobalt Music)


Words: Alison Mack

Croydon-based sludge pop/alt-rock four piece Bellevue Days release their new EP today.

“Each song is based on a few very significant events in each of our lives,” the band have said. "We’ve drawn from some of the more shitty times in our lives, whether it be over-indulging on booze, drugs or religion - it's a reflection on, and homage to, our youth.”

On that note, it depends possibly on whether you relate to both band and their "shitty times" as to how you view this five-track EP. Opening on 'Black Sheep Baby', it builds slowly from its ponderous vocal and guitar, going through passages of light and shade. At four minutes, however, it starts to wear thin around about two-thirds of the way. 'Jack and I' weighs in with some hefty drums, scorching vocals, and powerfully driven guitar riffs.

From here on in, the record picks up. 'Secret Love' opens on a simple acoustic guitar strum and vocal harmonies, before a midpoint tempo change sees its melody take on rousing appeal. Single cut ‘Faith’ marks the vocal debut of band member Dan Lukes, taking over singing duties this time around from Alan Smith, the band’s long-term frontman whose vocals took the spotlight on all of Bellevue Days’ previous singles. The vocal is strong, ably accompanied by tight guitar and rhythm section in this penultimate downtempo number. The somewhat bittersweet 'Dead Summer' again provides a strong vocal balanced against the track's melodic pop-punk elements, that provides a fitting closure to a record that while taking its time to get going, gets there eventually.

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