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Little Indie Roundtable Review - w/e July 7 2017

This week our three guest reviewers take on another five new tracks and give them a spin through the headphones before they then air their opinion on each.

This week's panel: head of PR at Authority Communications, Alex Fordham; vocalist with emerging Manchester psych rock band Sauce, Henry Lewis; Little Indie contributor and Grim Fiction vocalist, Jacob Ball.

The second single from the Liverpool-based multinational (two parts Brits, one German, one Australian) four-piece, following ‘Wolves’ debut. Released last week through Polygonia Music and taken from their self-titled debut album, it is a snarling, stomping three minutes of bass-heavy, funk-influenced rock n roll, produced by fellow Liverpool resident Rich Turvey (Cabbage, Blossoms, Darlia).

Alex Fordham: Nice tune. Like the production on this a lot. Would lend itself to a cool remix too I think. Great chorus. 4/5

Henry Lewis: Nice guitar tones throughout, but I'm not massively into the sound of the drums or the overall progression of the song. 2/5

Jacob Ball: Beginning with a stomping bass line, this song then erupts into a huge chorus that's very reminiscent of Nothing But Thieves. Spacey, drifting guitars make for a strong ending. Not blown away overall, but a decent tune that's worth another listen. 3.5/5.

Total score: 9.5/15

Debut single from Southend-on-Sea’s The Scarletts, impacting July 7 via their own label Strange Day Records. Recalling the immediacy and excitement of early Echo and the Bunnymen, with a touch of Velvets, the Cure, and Cocteau Twins, and drawing on the darker side of new wave and laced with psychedelia.

AF: Another nice tune. The intro is a little bit too long though for a single release. Perhaps they need to give it an edit if they are after radio play. Overall I’d give this 3/5.

HL: I enjoyed the darkness of the chorus against the more poppy riff, the vocals draw you in nicely too. 3/5

JB: Really had me hooked with a superb Smiths-like verse but sadly the rest of the song didn't quite match up. The brilliant 80s vibe of the beginning shows huge potential though. 3/5.

Total score: 9/15

New Zealand's Mermaidens' latest single taken from the forthcoming album 'Perfect Body', which is due out on August 4 via Flying Nun. The song is dark and brooding with reverb-laden guitar lines, rich vocal harmonies and vibrant drums.

AF: Great band name. Musically not so much my cup of tea. The video is really good. Some interesting guitar playing going on too. 3/5

HL: Interesting lyrics, but I got bored fairly quickly listening to this one as nothing really hooked me in. 2/5

JB: A desert drum roll and slithering bass make for an exhilarating template for the song to build off. When Mermaidens drop into a fascinating psych middle section, peppered with riffs straight from the Kyuss handbook, I'm in no doubt this is the most creative and wonderfully bizarre song I've heard for quite a while. 4/5

Total score: 9/15

Released June 23, the new single from Sheffield-based Vultures. Part psych, part alt-rock, it exudes a dark confidence; a propulsive and hypnotic bass forms the backbone for a moody and psychedelic foray into a world of weirdness.

AF: Love this. This lot have a good sound and style. Confident and a bit cocky (in a good way). Particularly like the bass sound. I'm gonna give this 4/5.

HL: Chorus sounds mega, as do the guitar tones, but I feel like I've heard that riff in plenty of other tunes lots of times before. 3/5

JB: After about 30 seconds of the pounding verse I was sure this song would be my favourite, but sadly the chorus was lacking a little. Some superb guitar work in there and the ascension during the middle 8 makes for good listening. 3/5.

Total score: 10/15

‘The Fall’ is the second track - released on June 23 - from the debut EP ‘One’ by the London-based trio, and follows ‘That Wasn’t Easy’, released in April. The track again showcases the band’s penchant for rich, textured synthscapes flecked with flourishes of intricate percussion with Matt Tilling’s signature falsetto.

AF: Nice song. Some great synthy production. Doesn't quite kick in enough though, it feels a little bit like background music. Having said that I think it would work really well on a film soundtrack. Vocals are nice. Reminded me of Tom from Editors when he goes falsetto. 3/5

HL: The off-kilter drum beat definitely makes this song stand out. Lack of variation or urgency in the vocals left me cold though. 2/5

JB: Not for me this one. Didn't really go anywhere despite some quirky keyboards and a cool Kevin Parker style guitar lick at the end. Disappointing melody throughout. 2/5.

Total score: 7/15

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