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Live Review :: Yungblud :: Shipping Forecast, Liverpool - Jul 31 2017



Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

July 31 2017

Words/Picture: Jane Davies

Yungblud, aka Dominic Harrison, stormed Liverpool’s Shipping Forecast with his high energy brand of alternative rock and fiery lyrics. He emerged onstage as a shadowy, hooded figure to blaring sirens which heralded the opening to ‘The Emporer’ shaking the timbers of the downstairs venue known as the 'Hold'.

There was to be no holding back for the entire set for the 19-year-old whose stage presence and expertise belied his tender age. Yungblud exuded great physical energy as he half danced, half flew across the stage, delivering karate style kicks and at times he looked like he was picking a fight with his own guitar.
Early on it became quite evident that he has a penchant for sirens as they lead us into the following song which had a ska-like bass line to it: "I love you will you marry me?" was the vital question he posed.

What is so exciting about Yungblud is his sometimes poetic, sometimes anarchic lyrics. With each song vastly different from the last, watching this artist is like being taken on a musical history tour, fusing rap, rock, disco, reggae, ska and punk. There are also inherent influences particularly of the late 70s, which is not surprising given that his grandfather was in T Rex.

His recently released first single ‘King Charles’ was aired, a political call to arms for young people, within a rap framework. He connected well with the audience and admitted that he had never been to the city before saying Liverpool was sick; cue cheers and applause from the sizeable audience - impressive for a Monday night.
We went from decade to decade with elements of 80’s electronica leading us into the ballad that was ‘Polygraph Eyes’. The tambourine came out for ‘Loner’ which had a real 70s feel, being crafted much in the same ilk as 'Lola' by the Kinks and equally as catchy.

All too soon the set ends on a high with the punk inspired ‘Tin Pan Boy’. Yungblud has impressed audiences this year at The Great Escape and Camden Rocks, and he can be suitably proud of his successful debut in Liverpool this week. A return visit will be very much in order in the not too distant future for this artist who is definitely one to watch out for.

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