Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Track Of The Day :: The Bambi Kills - Headlights

Words: Sam Geary

The alt-electronic grunge-pop debut from Melbourne sister duo, The Bambi Kills, 'Headlights', is they say, one "for everyone to unravel for themselves, but let's just say lyrically it's quite dark."

Vanessa and Elly Velinsky have come together after their separate band excursions - Vanessa from Valentiine and Elly from Mannequin Death Squad - to release this first three and a half minute single last week.

The dual vocals from the Velinskys while on one hand are dulcet and smooth, there is a haunting, slightly menacing underlying edge there in the minimal production - added to by the sepia tinged visual work, shot by brother Jerome, in a deserted wooded area - and the repeated line, "I would die just to have you back..."

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