Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Introducing the Pirate Prodigy Programme: A call to arms for all indie rockers out there

Words: Brad Hennessey

Pirate Studios are on a hunt for treasure and have fashioned a quest to dig out only the finest talent across the land...

Sick of Simon Cowell forcing overproduced pop acts down your throat? Done with sob stories galore, but still attracted to the riveting release of fierce competition? Well then, the Pirate Prodigy Programme might just float your boat.

This is a public call to arms for all indie kids, part-time rockers and all round appreciators of the alternative music scene. A good ol' fashioned battle of the bands is on the horizon and ready to take the 'best breakthrough act' category by storm. Drawing expert opinions from a range of trailblazers and creative catalysts throughout the music industry, Pirate Studios aim to hold the the current music scene to ransom, shaking it down for only the finest hidden gems.

They will be enlisting the likes of Radio X's Gordon Smart, This Feeling's Mikey Jonns, Mike Walsh, head of music at Radio X, music PR Katie Gwyther of Fear PR amongst others, as mentors - as well as a collection of promotional teams behind Liam Gallagher, The Libertines and so on - even Kate Nash is getting involved - to make sure each of the new prodigy's are set up with sturdy "foundations" to kick off from.

The competition will hail the acts (narrowed down from 20 to 6 and finally to 3) as champions of indie rock and polish them to perfection before releasing them to the world. In more certain terms the geniuses behind the production of Florence + the Machine are offering "festival slots as well as a guaranteed audience with top-level industry A&R at three invite only shows taking place across the UK in the summer."

Interested? To apply, visit the website and submit your one track. So, get those demos recorded and check out the competition timeline below!

February 19: Doors open for submissions
March 29: Deadline for submissions
March 29 - April 12: Top 20 artists will be put to a public vote
April 16: Top 6 artists, as chosen by the public will be announced. All 6 will be invited in to record a professional video at Pirate Studios
April 30 - May 16: The 6 finalists’ video performances will be judged by both the public and industry experts
May 28: The 3 winners are announced
May 31: Invite-only show with guaranteed A&R presence at Pirate Studios, London
June 1: Invite-only show with guaranteed A&R presence at Pirate Studios, Bristol
June 2: Invite-only show with guaranteed A&R presence at Pirate Studios, Manchester

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