Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Watch :: The Magic Gang drop video to 'Getting Along'

After sharing new album track 'Getting Along' earlier today, The Magic Gang waste no time in dropping a video as well.

Juxtaposing joyful melodies with lovelorn lyrics, the track's relentlessly infectious hook adds another contemporary-yet-classic anthem to the Brighton band's burgeoning songbook.

The self-titled debut album is out on March 16 via Yala! Records.

Tracklisting is:

1. 'Oh Saki'
2. 'All This Way'
3. 'Getting Along'
4. 'Alright'
5. 'Caroline'
6. 'Jasmine'
7. 'Take Care'
8. 'Slippin'
9. 'Your Love'
10. 'How Can I Compete'
11. 'I'll Show You'
12. 'All That I Want Is You'

Deluxe Edition - bonus tracks
13. 'Fade Away'
14. 'Getting Along' (acoustic)
15. 'All That I Want Is You' (acoustic)
16. 'Bruises'

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