Saturday, March 24, 2018

Listen :: Pencil Formation - Ski Free

Words:  Richard Cobb 

From Glasgow via West Linton and Romanno Bridge, Pencil Formation are a self-described 'lo-fi snack rock' two-piece consisting of Lewis MacDonald and Jamie Cameron.

In a time where new bands can take themselves frighteningly seriously, it wouldn’t be wide of the mark to suggest that Pencil Formation on the surface appear 90% pisstake. However, their music speaks for itself and alongside the weird and mysterious videos you get the feeling this band will amass a sizeable cult  following without even meaning to.

‘Ski Free’ alongside the two other videos the band have released to date, are wonderfully catchy and don’t appear to follow a set path. Instead they opt to veer off the road and treat the listener to  an afternoon tea in Amsterdam you’ll be confused about for weeks after experiencing.

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