Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[Video] Preoccupations - Disarray

Canadian post-punks Preoccupations prepare for the release of new album 'New Material', out March 23 on Jagjaguwar, with a video clip for the dark 'Disarray'.

Directed by Ruffmercy, the clip features vocalist Matt Flegel on a beach, with his light refracted distortion effects.

"When I was writing 'Disarray', says Flegel, "it started off with an image of a mother combing her daughters hair that came into my mind, I liked the metaphor of splitting the braids and combing through the tangles, and wrote the rest of the lyrics around that image. This song sat untouched for close to 6 months as a recording with just bass and drums before we came back to it and wrote and recorded the guitar line while out of our minds one night in the early AM."

"For me the word Disarray conjures up images of a mind unravelling in a chaotic way," adds Ruffmercy. "I wanted to physically show that inner turmoil without having to have Matt or an actor run around with a painted face looking distressed so to cut up and distort and draw over Matt’s image felt like an interesting way to show this."

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