Thursday, April 26, 2018

Scots teens Parliamo follow up recent debut with 'Lucy'

Credit: Douglas Hill

Words: Ellie Ward

A recent Track Of The Day with 'Weekend', Parliamo are back with 'Lucy'.

After the Perth teens impressed Radio X's John Kennedy with their debut (describing it as “an irresistible slice of mod beat-pop"), there's more youthful zest and spirit, with a singalong infectiousness, on this follow-up, out now on Alt Waves Records.

Frontman Jack Dailly says 'Lucy' represents "that one boy/girl everybody has who they’re a wee bit mad for throughout their teenage years, and it never really goes away. It’s not as simple as a playground crush, it’s a bit rougher round the edges, and it’s definitely not always a laugh, but it’s that one person who lifted your life out of mediocrity and made you laugh.

"I don’t know if I’d call it a love song, maybe more like an ode to that person. Everyone has someone that comes to mind, everybody has a Lucy.”

Now you too can have a bit of 'Lucy' with the video below.

Live dates

10 PERTH The Green Room

02 GLASGOW Broadcast

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