Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Great Escape Q+A :: SHEAFS

Credit: Lewis Evans

Continuing our Great Escape festival artist previews of must see acts, we take time out with SHEAFS.

Sheffield five-piece SHEAFS owned 2017 with singles ‘Mind Pollution’ and 'This Is Not A Protest', a thumping, loud and fierce slice of rock with propulsive riffs. Working with producer Thomas Mitchener (Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes), the band continued to stretch and explore new boundaries, hitting home with strident pace and grit, bound with a message on ‘Shock Machine’ released last month.

1. First time at TGE?

It is indeed. We've played in Brighton two or three times now, but not had chance to make it down to the festival.

2. Are you a seasoned Escaper as a punter, or a first-time newbie?

First-time newbie.

3. Will you be a Brighton day-tripper or staying for the whole event?

We will be travelling down on the Saturday and heading back to Sheffield on the Sunday

4. The highlight of your set will be...?

New songs. We've recently played some new songs at our last few gigs and they've gone down really well.

5. Where will we be likely to find you after your set: at the bar, on the beach, stuffing fish n chips, or other?

Yeah, the likelihood is at the bar; very sweaty and a beer in hand.

6. Aside from building sand(-or probably more pebble-)castles on the beach with your little bucket and spade, what else will you be up to in Brighton?

Probably just having a roam around and trying to catch as many bands as we can, and check out as many different venues as we can. Our mate Lee from SONS serves up one of the best full English breakfasts we've ever had, so you'll probably catch us in his Kensington Balcony Café on the Sunday morning.

7. Who else playing at TGE are you hoping to see yourself, or would recommend others should put on their must see list?

Tom Grennan, top bloke and one of the best voices around at the moment. Demob Happy were sick at Live At Leeds the other week, so will definitely be trying to catch them again. Then there's Easy Life, IDLES, Himalayas, SONS, The Surrenders, Rascalton. The list could go on, so many class bands playing over the weekend.

8. Please give your festival appearance/s, venues and stage times.

The Hope & Ruin - Saturday, 8.45pm

9. Any tips for festival goers?

Keep hydrated, drink lots of beer...

10. Complete this sentence: "You must see us at The Great Escape because...
You will not be disappointed.

(Questions answered by guitarist Charles Mellor)

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The Great Escape takes place at various venues across Brighton between May 17 - 19. Click here for further information.

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