Friday, May 25, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Para Alta - Dusk

Words: Ellie Ward

London-via-Hartlepool’s Para Alta have a new track, 'Dusk', out now via Big Indie, and if this doesn't set them on the path to bigger things - apart from their label's name - then there is no justice.

The glistening 'Dusk', with its haunting guitars and evocatively raw vocals is an immaculate piece of melodic indie. You can feel the festival stages will be alight with this.

“'Dusk' conveys a handful of emotions derived from complications within a relationship coming to an end," reveals frontman Jonny Bee. "With one side of the relationship not taking well to the situation, it is the other half’s responsibility to guide them through the rough whilst balancing out their own emotional struggles.”

Catch Para Alta live on June 9 at Evo Emerging in Newcastle.

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