Friday, May 04, 2018

Underwater Boys share 'Apricot' video

Credit: Jodie Canwell

Words: Sam Geary

Brighton’s Underwater Boys follow last year's debut single ‘Everyone You Know' with a visual treatment for the more recent ‘Apricot'.

Featuring brothers Tom and Nick Klar, there's more hazy, psych-pop stuff here, and in the video by Jodie Canwell, there's tea, sympathy and bananas to try and bring some relief for the depression-bound band member.

“The video is about the ways we retreat from the world during bouts of depression and anxiety, and how your bed can seem like a safe, comforting place but it can also be a crutch, and a way of putting off dealing with your problems," says vocalist Tom Klar.

“Ultimately, the message that I hope comes across is that whatever you need to do to get through something, it’s better with other people there, and cutting yourself off from those you love is never a good option”.

Underwater Boys play the DIY stage at the Brudenell Social Club at Live At Leeds tomorrow (May 5).

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