Monday, May 14, 2018

Watch :: Frank Turner pays tribute to Scott Hutchison with Frightened Rabbit cover

Words: Ellie Ward

During his set at London's Roundhouse on Friday (May 11,), Frank Turner paid tribute to his friend and Frightened Rabbit vocalist Scott Hutchison, whose death had been confirmed earlier the same day.

Turner covered the band's 'The Modern Leper', saying beforehand:

“We’ve got to the bit of the set now that I can only describe as a little difficult. I had some sad news this morning about my friend Scott Hutchison from the band Frightened Rabbit.
“Scott played this festival last year, on the Sunday morning we sat out back and drank beers and talked shit and played songs. And I don’t want to talk about death today, ladies and gentleman. I want to talk about life.
“Because he was one of my fucking favourite people in the world. I fucking love that guy. He was my friend and I was inspired by him, I want to be like him as a song writer, that guy is fucking incredible.
“And Scott decided to go away from us and it breaks my fucking heart. But as a songwriter I think the best thing we can have is that if someone goes you keep their fucking songs going, ladies and gentleman. We all need to stick around to tell other people how fucking good Scott was, ladies and gentleman.
“I used to sing one of Scott’s songs with him, so I’m going to sing it now. He should be here too.”

Watch the performance above.

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