Monday, June 25, 2018

Try a taste of some LA 'Cheesecake (feat. No Oranges)' by A Ghost Named Nico

Words: Linn Branson

It's always interesting to hear someone and something new come along. Lo-fi bedroom pop songwriter and producer, 18-year-old Nico Brunstein, is one of such new kids on the block.

Under the moniker a ghost named nico, the Los Angeles native - currently studying on the opposite coast in New York - released 'cheesecake' last Friday (June 22). This is his second outing after his 'Stone Cold' debut  back in February, and for which he is joined by No Oranges.

"No Oranges is the girl in the album art," Nico tells us by email. "She lived on the same floor as I did last year as freshmen. I wrote the music and chorus to the song and thought she would be a good fit so I asked to to sing on the track. Together, we wrote the rest of the lyrics. This is her first release under this name."

The future-bass inspired 'cheesecake' - put together on a laptop - encompasses elements of lo-fi and dream-pop, with No Oranges supplying a nice accompaniment to Nico's own vocal effects and electronics.

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