Friday, June 15, 2018

Watch :: Alice Glass releases video for new single ‘Mine’

After leaving Crystal Castles in 2014, and subsequently revealing the reasons - “a decade of abuse, manipulation and psychological control" - by CC partner Ethan Kath (who sought to sue for defamation), Glass has used the theme in her work, such as “Cease and Desist', which she called “a call to arms for all survivors.”

Latest track, 'Mine', comes with a gothic styled video directed by Lucas David, and featuring Violet Chachki, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7.

“‘Mine’ is about someone who hurts themselves in an attempt to regain control of of their own life and experiences," says Glass. "It’s a form of self-sacrifice and also an act of personal freedom for someone who feels completely out of control. I do not condone self-harm, but like a lot of my music ‘Mine’ is about my struggle with coming out of an intensely abusive relationship. In the ritual of hurting myself or taking something from myself I am at the very least in control of that act, when in so many other aspects of my life I felt hopeless.”

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