Saturday, June 30, 2018

Watch :: Gloo's puppet pal comes to life on their booze blast 'Pissheads' visuals

Words: Sam Geary

Littlehampton’s Gloo have debuted their new video for 'Pissheads', the follow-on single to 'Holiday', and comes from the forthcoming debut album, 'A Pathetic Youth'.

Despite the song being a kind of homage to drunken states, the video actually depicts how music can provide a sense of relief in times of hardship.

“I was walking home from work, and happened to catch an argument between two blokes in the middle of the town who were shouting ‘pisshead’ at each other like no one was watching - it got the word stuck in my head," explains vocalist Tom Harfield. "Once out of earshot, I voice memoed the first melody that came to mind, which is the chorus you hear on this track now. It’s more of a commentary, noticing how everyone I know seems to get f*cked up at any given opportunity. It seemed relatable - I thought it was cool to having a track about getting pissed!”

One of the 'stars' of the clip - directed by the band themselves - is the puppet who comes to life.

"About two years ago we bought the puppet just because of how fucking ridiculous it looked," drummer Mark Harfield reveals. "We had no intention of using it for anything other than to fuck about with when we were bored! When we decided to do a video for 'Pissheads', it would have been criminal for him not to feature. With the good help of our friends Sonny (a pro set designer) and Verity (a pro puppeteer) we managed to bring him to life. There’s not much more to the meaning, other than the music being able to temporarily take him away from his shitty situation. The song and video make him feel real good, and forget about all his problems, then when it ends, he’s the same person with the same problems in the same situation.”

Watch below.

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