Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chill out with Buddha Trixie's dream-psych 'Nobody Hangs Out'

Words: Izzy Butler

There's a curious thing about Buddha Trixie's 'Nobody Hangs Out'. It kicks off, all black and white vid - directed by Carlos Almanza- and bare-chested guitarist, sounding and looking for all the world like a nice bit of indie post-punk.

Then what happens? What happens that it all then does an about-turn, vid goes all trippy colours and the melodies from the San Diego four-piece ease down to a washed out dream-psych, that's what.

The just released cut comes from their debut album, 'Stop The Space Age', released last year, and which to judge by other tracks on it such as 'Tide', their predilection does seem to be more in the lo-fi psych arena.

At over six minutes in length, might be time to light up a smoke and chill, man to watch this.

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