Monday, July 09, 2018

Dance like you just don't care with Adelaide's Attonbitus on their 'Next Time Around' video

Words: Ellie Ward

Dance like you just don't care is the theme of the video to 'Next Time Around' by Adelaide band

Taken from the trio's forthcoming debut album 'David Street', out July 27, the track is a carefree tune with a little whistling melody and foot-tapping reggae beat.

"The song’s meaning communicates the familiar feeling of frustration when attempting to get an honest word from someone who has abruptly turned cold on you," says vocalist Michael Brigante. "'Next Time Around' expresses the realisation that the silent treatment is not worth anybody's time, and that it's better to not waste your energy trying to get an answer out of someone who is not forthcoming."

The accompanying video clip, which was shot in Adelaide's Rundle Mall, sees members of the public reacting to an invitation on a cardboard sign to 'Dance?'

"The idea is simply promoting expression, letting yourself be silly dancing with no care in the world," adds Brigante.

Watch below.

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