Tuesday, July 24, 2018

'How Dare You' - not listen to Bokito's new single!

Words: Sam Geary

Released last Friday (July 20) via Grown Young Records, 'How Dare You’ is London-based Irishmen Bokito’s fourth single, and the off-kilter, alt-pop banger has plenty of summer appeal.

The follow-up to 'Love Gotten' from earlier in the year, sees the five-piece deliver a sun-ripened synth and guitar groove in this instantly catchy track, that distinctly alluring vocalled singer Moses Moorhouse says is “a celebration of finding someone that matches your madness, the insecurities and concerns that come into building a relationship and the ever growing feeling that these thoughts may be pushing the other person away... But ultimately, the comfort in knowing that someone has those same uncertainties in relation to you!"

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