Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Track Of The Day :: The Taboo Club - Strangers

Credit: Paul Reynolds

Words: Linn Branson

Newly hatched Brum babes The Taboo Club have just released their debut single, 'Strangers', last Friday (July 20). Not that they themselves are exactly 'strangers', as both vocalist Rob Lilley and bassist Joshua Rochelle-Bates were previously part of Semantics, a band touched upon more than once here on Little Indie.

However, as Josh recently told us, "this isn't like Semantics V2, it's a completely new thing with much more invested and talented musicians involved." He further adds that The Taboo Club, "write as one unit to compose music that blends, breaks and banishes musical conventions across many genres by embracing the gothic sensibilities of world music and art to create a sound that can only be described as cinematic."

Sounds impressive, no? But does this debut single - recorded and mixed by another stalwart of the West Midlands music scene, Ryan Pinson - match the hype?
Written by Rob Lilley, 'Strangers' is a guitar-driven three and a half minutes infused with light sax jazz touches that give it a somewhat decadent feel, added to by Lilley's dark baritone. It is undoubtedly a classy affair, standing aside from much of what we are used to hearing out of B-town.

After just playing their debut gig earlier this month, The Taboo Club have lined up a headline showcase at The Victoria in Birmingham on September 29.

The Taboo Club are: Rob Lilley - vocals, Joshua Rochelle-Bates -bass, Ben Oerton - sax/keys, Jack Ingaglia - guitar, Aiden Price - drums

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