Monday, July 09, 2018

NYC-based songstress Felicity is feeling 'Happily Paralyzed' on her new release

Words: Ellie Ward 

Australian-born, South Africa-raised, bar a brief time in Colorado, USA whilst studying before now being based in New York City, 19-year-old Felicity hasn't just crammed in a lot of moving around in the last years, she's also garnered over 500k online streams with 'Poison' and 'Burnt Sugar' - both uploaded a couple of years ago - and recent official debut single, 'Pilot With A Fear Of Heights'.

Now she kicks off again with second earworm single, 'Happily Paralyzed', once again working with Grammy winning producer Brian Kierulf (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears). Her husky, yet sultry, vocal belies her young years, and is one that holds the listener gripped as it moves up and down in range as she sings of the "honeymoon phase" of a burgeoning romance: "can't stay here / 'cause time is tearing at the seams my dear / it's you and I / lost in the lights / happily paralyzed."

“Every relationship I've ever been in has ended in flames and destruction," she reveals. "I'm always a little more broken and a little less trusting afterwards. I think the reasoning behind this is due to the fact that I fall so hard in the beginning that it goes from feeling like pure perfection to heartbreak quickly. I had to put myself in the shoes I was wearing when everything was perfect to write this song because it's about never wanting a beautiful moment with someone to end.”

Listen below.

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