Thursday, July 26, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Bloodhype - Romeos

Words: Amelia Callister

I had never heard of Bloodhype until lending my ears to this new single - or rather, its video. It may well make me a bad person in the eyes of their fans, but everyone has to come in to a bad at some point.

They are a Berlin-based alt-indie rock five-piece who began as as punk rock project in a flat share in former East Berlin, before working up to their debut earlier this year with debut single ‘Wolves’ (missed that one). They now present their second release, ‘Romeos', along with the aforementioned video. Both tracks coming from their 'Wolves' EP released in April.

The clip, directed by Terrence Matlin, is a cinematic affair that really does keep you glued tight to the end. A bit too much so in parts, as I am sure I won't be the only one to notice a quasi-resemblance at points to The 1975's 'Robbers' visual; in fact, if you close one eye and kind of squint, the lead male here could almost be a Matty Mk 2. [He is in fact Bret Von Dehl, frontman of the Philadelphia band Heathens.]

‘Romeos' itself in all its 80s post-pop styling, picks up and crashes its anthemic way towards four minutes, and you have a feeling Bloodhype might soon be generating some tastemaker hype.

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