Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Listen :: Beachwood Coyotes - Terror @ 280 (140 redux)

Words: Sam Geary

Little Indie featured the LA alt-rock four-piece Beachwood Coyotes ("inspired by coyotes on acid") last month with 'I Am Just A Stand In', now they return with new single 'Terror @ 280 (140 redux)'.

Released last Friday (July 20), the atmospheric and moodily melodic Tame Impala-esque track features Jason Nott's laid back woozy vocals and a lysergic nuance as lyrically he navigates Twitter: "if you feel how i feel now baby / don't @ me and log off / don't feel how i feel now maybe? / just tell me to fuck off".

The song, reveals Nott, was inspired by “a Twitter obsessed girl I had a crush on. But, as I was writing the lyrics, I switched the narrative, and realized that President Trump is the Twitter obsessed girl I was writing about. I don’t have a crush on him and I wish he would log off.”

Listen here.

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