Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Track Of The Day :: Gently Tender - 2 Chords Good

Words: Ellie Ward 

A few years ago, you couldn't get away from Palma Violets, the south London band fronted by Samuel Fryer and Chilli Jesson.

Now, with Jesson having taken up as leader of Crewel Intentions, Sam is doing his own thing with the newly formed Gently Tender. Aside from Fryer, the band also comprises two other ex-Violets, Pete Mayhew and Will Doyle, together with The Big Moon’s Celia Archer and guitarist Adam Brown.

And as their introductory offering, they unveil the four-and-a-half minute '2 Chords Good'. A nostalgic, hazy feel-good groove with a big swelling chorus, available now through Big Score, and with a limited 7" vinyl release.

Lyrically, Sam reveals, the song is about a conversation with a friend in a pub, and "is essentially me replaying that moment in my mind, and almost kicking myself about my average and weak response [‘Probably yeah’] to her question, ‘Are you going to put some more chords on your new album?’

“The song is me talking to myself … and making excuses like I was feeling ‘kinda stressed that day’. I had been suffering with anxiety at the time of the meeting, but as I gradually formulate what the answer should have been, I cultivate pictures in my mind of visions and scenes that move me; memories of ‘golden evenings’ and ‘sunlit canals’ and songs that I have loved.”

Gently Tender will make their live debut at The Lexington in London on September 26. Tickets are on sale now. Find out more via their Facebook.

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