Thursday, August 02, 2018

'Tables Have Turned' for Toronto rising star RALPH

Words: Sam Geary

Following 2017's self-titled debut EP and this year's singles 'September' and 'Fades', Toronto's RALPH now brings her new single 'Tables Have Turned' to the pass.

Hotly tipped in her native Canada, here the singer-songwriter turns her "pop/synth/disco/soul/with a twinkle" sound into an R&B-tinged pop banger.

The song, she says, was inspired by a relationship. "I had been dating someone for a couple months and obviously, I really liked them, but I hadn’t hit a level of obsession yet. I think sometimes I try to be the one who is less emotionally involved because it makes you less susceptible to being hurt. But one day, it was like someone flicked a switch and he was all I could think of, I couldn’t let him out of my grasp, it was crazy. That’s what the song is about, that moment when the tables turn and you realize you’re the one in deep and it’s fun but it’s also like....uh oh."

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