Thursday, October 11, 2018

Live Review :: The Sherlocks :: Concorde 2, Brighton - Oct 10 2018


The Sherlocks

Concorde 2, Brighton

October 10 2018

Words/Pictures: Steve Willcox

The Sherlocks came to Brighton tonight to pay homage to our fair city which was instrumental in getting the indie rockers' name out in the early days, seeing them get a record deal shortly after playing The Great Escape Festival. It’s a sold out show tonight with revellers all in good spirits, waiting for the four Sheffield boys to wreak havoc with the senses.

As the lights go down a brief silence stills the room, before it erupts into a huge roar of applause as the band emerges on stage and launch straight into ‘Last Night’ from their 'Live For The Moment' debut album. Vocalist Kiaran Crook’s wallows in his guitar, strumming a trail of effortless riffs, and as he starts to sing the crowd go crazy, all body moving in time as one. One of their first breakthrough songs, ‘Escapade’ sounds better live than it does on record, with bassist Andy Davidson playing those rhythm chords nonchalantly while posing in front of his mic stand towards his fans.

‘Was It Really Worth It?’ is Kiaran's masterclass lyrical number that details all those crappy times when we’re just kept on that proverbial shelf by someone who doesn’t deserve us at all, as he laments how "I’m always left / Holding on to the handles of excuses / It seems I’m second best / Your last resort / Your plan B". With brother Brandon Crook starting the beats during ‘Will You Be There?’ this creates a vortex in the crowd as an empty hole appears in front of the stage and the fans begin to mosh inside it. It must be a hotbed of activity, being in a band like The Sherlocks with two sets of brothers, each with their own sibling rivalry issue’s and this is probably why we get so much energy from their music. New song ‘Magic Man’ gets an airing with lead guitarist Josh Davidson finding those hooks to reel us in as Kiaran pulls out a vocal deluge.

He takes a moment to thank the crowd for turning up and how upset they were for not visiting often enough, then asks for them to hold their candles (phone lights) in the air during ‘Candlelight’ while the boys play the edgy guitar ballad. Ending on a high with latest single 'Live For The Moment and ‘Chasing Shadows’ made me think of all the boasts earlier in their career, about being the Next Big Thing, the trouble is... I now realise they were right all along. They are!

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