Friday, December 14, 2018

The Collier are 'Falling Out Of The Bed' on new release

Words: Sam Geary

Following 'Easy To Love', Southend-on-Sea alt-rockers The Collier have released new single ‘Easy To Love’.

Produced by Ali Staton (Madonna, Pulp, PJ Harvey) at Rockfield Studios in Wales, 'Falling Out Of Bed' sees the band touching lyrically on relationships woes, which they juxtapose with upbeat guitar riffs and instantly catchy melodies.

“We had a really clear idea of how we wanted the track to sound: a little bit raw, to the point and in your face," say the band. "‘Falling Out Of The Bed’ represents the feeling of instant shock, and sometimes panic, of relationships. Although we didn’t initially plan on taking the track to Rockfield, the excitement of it being a new song that was so fresh in our minds spurred us on to record it while we were there."

Listen below via Chris Lynch's video.

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