Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Track Of The Day :: milk. - Treat Me

Words: Sam Geary 

Quickly getting out another track from their debut EP, '1', which dropped last week, Dublin's alt-pop band milk. follow the earlier 'Always On Time', with ‘Treat Me’.

Fusing electronic keys with catchy earworm melodies, 'Treat Me' layers the contrasting indie-pop, jangly hooks and bright guitar lines, with vocalist Mark McKenna asking, "Why’d you want to treat me like that? / Why’d you want to treat me so bad?"

"‘Treat Me’," say the rising four-piece, is about "being in a young relationship with both people not really knowing what they’re doing or how to be in a relationship, unknowingly treating each other unfairly and unfairly asking each other ‘why you would do that?’ When you both know neither have the answer but you hope the other does.”

Check it out via the video below, comprised of on and off-stage footage.

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