Monday, August 10, 2020

A Cause In Distress make their debut with 'Lumbering' 

Credit: Owen Stephen Foran 

Words: Richard Cobb 

Southend trio A Cause In Distress released their debut single ‘Lumbering’ last Friday (August 7) on their local independent Cool Thing Records label, run by the band Asylums.

Aired by John Kennedy on Radio X over the weekend, the Rees Broomfield (Beckie Margaret, Indian Queens, Private Jetlag)-produced track carries a similar multi-coloured easel to that of a 'Hail to the Thief' era Radiohead, with its electronic tangents slicing across the ice-smooth lead vocals of Liam Watkins.

Perhaps in contrast to its title, ‘Lumbering’ is far from a slow-burning journey. It’s a well-mapped out Tron-like race with each passing second adding more purpose and atmosphere as it closes in on its destination.

Shedding some rare light on the otherwise dark track the band explain: “'Lumbering' is about viewing the world with a sense of claustrophobia and dread, as humanity bounces between various financial crashes, wars and climate disasters, whilst continuing to lumber endlessly forwards, seemingly in a wounded state.“

It’s difficult to predict which sonic road the band will meander down next, but having a song like ‘Lumbering’ in their tank should prove more than enough to keep them going in the right direction.


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