Thursday, August 13, 2020

It's a 'Real Love Song' from Nothing But Thieves

Words: Sam Geary 

Southend's Nothing But Thieves head up to the release their third album 'Moral Panic' on October 23 via RCA/Sony, with one of the record's tracks, 'Real Love Song'.

The recently released single is now joined by a video, directed by Basak Erol

"As an audience, we are often presented something that is excessive or overblown, especially when it comes to love stories. We wanted the video to capture the irony of the song whilst making sure it was still affecting," say the band.

"This is a song within a song and the video, with its nods to the modern relationship and its sensationalised band moments, tell two sides of the same story. Where does the cynicism end and the real begin? It was amazing to work with Basak and her team who totally got where we were going and created a story that works on these different levels. This is a love song, so what?"

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