Thursday, August 20, 2020

Wax Machine find the 'Truth' on new single

Credit: Jodie Cartman

Brighton’s experimental psych rock outfit Wax Machine share their new video for single 'Truth'.

"I wrote the lyrics as a way to prompt myself and whoever wants to join me in the search for truth by looking inward in quiet contemplation," says the quartet's Lau Ro.

"What I have found is that truth is beyond opposites. The judging mind is limited by our conceptual bias.Truth can be found by surrendering to the now, which encompasses all dark and light, pleasure and pain, virtue and sin.

"We wanted to freely explore the juxtaposition between the heavier and more relaxed sides of our sound. Go Kurosawa (Kikagaku Moyo) encouraged this approach, as well as playing one of the guitars in the recording. The video, created by Jamie Brogan, was similarly exploring the relativity of perception."

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