Friday, December 18, 2020

The Music Venue Trust distributes £23k to ailing venues


With 2020 having caused unprecedented hardship, the music industry has been one of the worst hit. 

There are 556 venues at risk of closure, and the Music Venue Trust has distributed £230,000 worth of funding to 24 of those currently at risk of imminent closure.

The Trust has secured over £80 million in donations and government initiatives through the #saveourvenues campaign, helping over 400 music venues until March 31 2021.

"As we approach the end of this horrendous year for grassroots music venues we felt the need to make a direct intervention in order to provide some relief for 24 venues who were unable to access the funding they need to survive," says Music Venue Trust CEO Mark Davyd.

"We have received incredible support from audiences, artists, individual donors, companies who have made financial contributions and from the wider music sector. As a result, we are able to make a distribution of £230k of emergency funding to stave off the immediate threat of closure and provide a firm footing for survival."

Visit to join the campaign to bring together artists who want to help, with the venues they love, and provide an easy way for music fans to financially support the resultant live streams.

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