Thursday, December 10, 2020

Track Of The Day :: Play Dead - Six Hours Later

Words: Charlie Emmett 

This high velocity new single from London punks Play Dead seers through the brain like a speeding bullet. There's only just over two minutes of 'Six Hours Later', but it kicks like a bucking mule.

Following debut drop 'Whitstable' and
the past summer's release 'Shaun', the garage punk three-piece go for one almighty last hurrah for 2020 with this third single, out now via Blitzcat Records. 

Excoriating guitars and shredding reverb attack with full throttle force channelling 100 per cent adrenalin inducing power. 

'Six Hours Later' tells the story of a friend of the band who overdosed on ADHD pills. He had thought he was fine, had gone to bed and six hours later woke with the overwhelming sense he was going to die. With a chorus of “Take me away. These pills are fucking with my head”, it's a tough subject matter delivered with passion.

Play Dead's debut EP is set to go early in 2021. Hang on to your hats.

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