Monday, January 25, 2021

Scottish duo HYYTS ink a ‘Bad Tattoo’

Words: Sam Geary 

Glasgow duo HYYTS put out a few pop bangers last year, and now are heading in the same direction with the release of ‘Bad Tattoo’. 

"I’d been drinking this highly caffeinated vodka drink that comes in pint cans up in Glasgow called Dragon Soop," recalls Adam Hunter. "I had like three cans of it and it is mental stuff it sent me into mad fever dreams all night. And while steaming I’d given myself a really bad tattoo on the back of my leg which I was kind of regretting but while tossing and turning and thinking about it I dreamed up the whole song!"

The soaring pop three minute number, he adds, is "all about scars, whether they’re self-inflicted or otherwise, and the pride they should stand for from getting through a situation and having the marks to prove it. So the idea was to use tattoos as a metaphor of how something painful can leave a positive impression and how being proud of your painful experiences is a beautiful thing."

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