Friday, February 12, 2021

narcissus are ‘cuttin' thru red tape' for new single

Words by Paul Dawson 

Mancunian outfit narcissus are 'cuttin’ thru red tape' on their new single, the follow up to ‘lost causes’, out today (February 12) on 42's Records.

Bringing in their established electronica edge, the release comes with two mixes: a revamped'cuttin' thru red tape' (which first appeared as a single back in 2017 in a slightly different form) featuring Becki Fishwick, and a Duke n Bass remix, which provides a faster and funkier alternative.                                   

The track is everything you expect of a band the quality of narcissus, as they have once again created a fantastic piece of music, with a banging guitar riff stamped throughout, along with a backdrop of winding electronics and  the vocals of Becki topping it off; while The Duke n Bass mix is a club floor groover.

“At a time when creative arts are being dismantled before our eyes by those that don’t understand nor care, 'cuttin' thru red tape' serves as a blistering call to arms, and very timely reminder to cling on to those creative passions and pursuits like never before as it is these that truly define who we are and what we do," says vocalist Ben Guy.

"They are likely to have been there with you for both the greatest and darkest times of your life and so lean into them now more than ever as they will not let you down."

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