Monday, February 15, 2021

Suave Martyrs ripple through 'Cascades of Gold'

Words by Paul Dawson

Blending elements of ‘60s West Coast rock, Madchester era indie, emerging  and psychedelia, emerging five-piece Suave Martyrs have been cooking up a storm since forming in 2018, and now bring their brimming confidence to new track 'Cascades of Gold', released last week.

On this latest offering they have gone off the common path, as they look to distance themself from the crowded Manchester indie scene. The four-minute track is a technicolour adventure, which through mellow guitar work and excellent production, sends you down a rabbit hole. 

'Cascades of Gold' embodies a forgotten generation of laid-back indie music, one which allows people to feel inspired. This track also has a great vocal range courtesy of Brad Miller which fits perfectly, feeling natural and down-to-earth. 

Guitarist Sam Brunt says the song is “one I have been sitting on for a while and we have loved playing it live so it's great to finally get it out there. It's a bit of a change of direction from some of our other tracks and really highlights the different talents in the band. It's the song that we end our set with a big funk outro where the band gets to showcase what they can do musically.” 

Although a departure from their norm, Suave Martyrs, clearly are looking to stand out from the crowd. If they keep inviting us down the rabbit hole, they may just be in for a breakout 2021. 

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