Thursday, February 25, 2021

Track Of The Day :: Baby Queen - These Drugs

Words: Leah Raymond 

Baby Queen's - aka Bella Lathum - new single ‘These Drugs’ is a powerful and candid lyrical statement.

The accompanying video sees Baby Queen sing  that, “I don’t wanna do drugs anymore/ If you saw me through the eyes of a bathroom stall/ Your skin would crawl."

The alt-pop song is a haunting and spine-tingling listen, not least due to Bella's delivery, that proves she just gets better each new release.

“I wrote this song when I was in a really bad place which was characterized mostly by this idea that I wasn’t a good person and didn’t deserve good things,” she explains. “I think for so long, there were so many parts of myself that I was refusing to acknowledge or pay attention to, and when you ignore your own pain or refuse to face up to your mistakes, you can get yourself into a self-destructive cycle, which is ultimately what ended up happening. I think escapism is necessary, and we all find our escape in different places, but some are just healthier than others. 

"I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to be so uncomfortably honest in these lyrics, but I also knew I had to share this story with people because we all have a monkey on our back and self-destruction is a stranger to nobody. I really want people to know that there is a better life waiting for them should they choose it. 

"If you can learn to like yourself and learn to understand and accept every part of yourself (even the darkest ones), then you won’t feel the need to run away. You really do have the strength to build the life you want to live, and I think I can be proof of that to somebody.”

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