Sunday, April 12, 2020

Joy Crookes opens up on new single 'Anyone But Me’ 

'Anyone But Me’ is the empowering new single from South London's Joy Crookes.

Never one to shy away from confronting important and deeply personal subjects, ‘Anyone But Me’ finds Joy exploring her relationship with her mental health and finding comfort and release in having conversations with the people around her.

“I’ve suffered from mental health issues since I was young," she reveals. "Where I grew up, this wasn’t a topic you would bring up when your mum was fixing you a plate of dal or when your mates were showing you how to flirt with boys and girls, so when I had my first episode of depression I didn’t really know where to turn to. It’s taken me a long time, and I am still learning how to completely articulate what goes on in my mind.

"Being able to have these important conversations with my friends and then my family has been challenging and I guess that’s why I always turned to music. Music has a way to soften the blow with topics like mental health - it can make situations that seem completely out of reach, tangible - especially when you feel like you’re living with another version of yourself.

"Learning to be more open, I had a conversation with my best friend who pointed out that when we are dealing with depression and anxiety - we almost become tired of constantly being with ourselves - you want to be with anyone BUT yourself. This is the position I took when I wrote ‘Anyone But Me’. The lyrics speak for themselves.

"I hope we can all continue breaking down boundaries that stretch between generations and cultures and continue this conversation about how we really feel.”

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