Thursday, April 23, 2020

Lauran Hibberd brings out some 'Old Nudes'

Words: Ellie Ward

Released today (April 23), Lauran Hibberd unleashes some girl power on new single 'Old Nudes'.

The fast-growing, slacker pop queen follows her 'Bang Bang Bang' from the start of 2020, with this new infectiously melodic track that comes with a heap of vivacity and charm.

“‘Old Nudes’ is unfortunately based upon a true story " she says. "We’ve all been there right!? The track looks back on the ‘mistake’, and almost mocks it using over confidence. It belittles the receiver, and oozes sarcasm and naivety. I keep writing songs about being young because I’m scared of getting too old to joke about these things.

“The video felt appropriate to self-record, not only because of isolation but because it encapsulates the setting in how we all get into this mess in the first place. There’s something quite special about not giving a damn, and this song and this video cements that idea."

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