Thursday, April 16, 2020

Listen :: Canadians Peter Jessy & Plastic Farm join up on 'Be Somebody Else'

Words: Sam Geary 

'Be Somebody Else' is a collaboration between two Canadian artists, the Ottawa-based Peter Jessy, and Plastic Farm, the solo project moniker of Michael Watson of the band Amnita.

The atmospheric dream-pop track, produced by Plastic Farm, is, say the duo, about feeling the need to change who you are for someone to love you. In this digital age of Instagram and Facetune, it's easier than ever to compare yourself to people you perceive to be perfect.

The yearning 'Be Somebody Else', with Jessy's soft indie-pop vocals and minimalist electronic production, is an ear-catching delight.

Check out the track via the lyric video below.

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