Monday, May 11, 2020

Track Of The Day :: Sydney's garage punk girls The Buoys hit the mark with 'Wah'

Credit: April Josie 

Words: Ellie Ward

Sydney's high energy, garage punk girls The Buoys kicked out last year with ‘Inside Outside’ and ‘Gold’. Now, in the run up to their second EP, they haul out the mighty 'Wah'.

In under two slap-in-the-face minutes the fast and frenetic single - out now via Spunk! Records - speaks out against the staunchly capitalist notion of humans-for-profit.

“'Wah' is about the capitalist rat race and the idea that as millennials, we’re raised to believe we’re inherently special,” says vocalist/guitarist Zoe Catterall.

“We’re often told that if you try your best and work hard, you’ll find ‘success’. What this fails to teach us and what we end up learning firsthand, is that there are societal obstacles to this so-called success. 'Wah' speaks to the fact that capitalist ideology is why we’re told we can do anything whilst also being the largest obstacle in reaching whatever success we desire.”

You may not - until now - have heard of the fierce and feisty quartet, but boy are The Buoys ready to make their presence felt.

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