Monday, October 12, 2020

Sol Django pens ode to girlfriend on 'Be Happy'

Words: Charlie Emmett 

Here's a tip: ignore Sol Django being alikened to 'similar artists' such as the Rolling Stones, as he isn't a bit. An acoustic Oasis is nearer the mark, however.

But 'Be Happy', released last week, is, well, a happy enough stroll, if not exactly 'Wonderwall'. A pleasant listen, but with a wrong link on this YouTube to Facebook, many listeners may not bother going further. A shame, as making a mark is always a difficult first step, and knowing how to market yourself is crucial.

The song itself was written "about and dedicated to my girlfriend," so there's an "aww" moment to ponder on from the Merseyside singer-songwriter, and former saxophonist with She Drew The Gun and Mama Roux.

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