Tuesday, November 17, 2020

SCALPING announce signing to Houndstooth with release of 'Deadlock’

Credit: Amia Watling 

Bristol five-piece SCALPING are back with a seismic techno banger to celebrate their signing to Houndstooth.

"‘Deadlock’", they say of the propulsive, self-produced track, “has been in our live set for over a year now and it’s always a highlight; it’s fierce, relentless and gets a great reaction whenever we play it. The first versions of this song were based around a one bar synth loop that ran for the duration, it gave us a lot of space to improvise and play with the dynamics and structure live, to push and pull off both each other and the crowd. The energy coming back off the audience always has a huge impact on how we perform but it was particularly noticeable with this song, it would feel very different every night as we’d each be trying out different things.

“With us not being able to play it live for the foreseeable it felt like the perfect time to record a definitive version of the song. After coming off tour we finalised and recorded this version of ‘Deadlock’ at the start of the year, before lockdown, split between our homes in Bristol and Rockfield Studios in Wales.”

Check it out below.

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