Monday, November 09, 2020

Sydney duo EGOISM stream new EP 'On Our Minds'

Words: Ellie Ward 

Sydney duo EGOISM dropped their new EP 'On Our Minds' last week, and it's a shoegaze-pop corker from Scout Eastment and Olive Rush, who delighted us earlier with 'What Are We Doing?' and 'Here’s the Thing'

The EP was written, recorded and produced by the two in their bedrooms, and mixed by Matthew Neighbour (The Avalanches, Matt Corby, Sky Ferreira).

“The songs on this EP were started in 2019 and finished in 2020, it was a rough fucking year," they say. "The world seemed to be doing ok, but everything inside us was disintegrating. Weird how 2020 has been the opposite, where the world is going insane but personally we're doing pretty ok. We're both kinda obsessed with feelings that run too deep to be summed up only with words. 

"Sometimes music is what's missing to explain the seemingly unexplainable. But anyway, that's where On Our Minds comes from; a desperate attempt to share that sad little world, buzzing on internally.” 

Stream the EP in full below.

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