Monday, September 28, 2015

**EXCLUSIVE** COLOUR - 'Shattered'

Words: Linn Branson

Stoke/Liverpool four-piece COLOUR have been on Little Indie's radar now since the start of the year, earning our Track Of The Day accolade in January with 'Strangers' and later followed by 'Kerosene' in our weekly Hot Top Ten in July.

‘Strangers’, recorded at Liverpool’s home to many up-and-coming bands, Parr Street Studios (even Coldplay recorded their first demos there), has recently been given a new lease of life after its original self-release. The track was put together in a flurry of frenetic energy after vocalist James Tidd recorded a rehearsal on his phone, capturing the seeds of the song taking shape.

But as a Little Indie exclusive, we are pleased to give you a taste of another track, 'Shattered'. Once again featuring their striking Friendly Fires-like trademark guitar and keyboard sound, which adds buoyancy to lyrics (by Tidd and the band's guitarist Scott Harvey) that relate, they tell us, to "the pressure to stick to a normal trudging way of life, and how you just end up shattered constantly if you're not careful about it. Which we both were at the time, and winter was kinda closing in so it was a bit of an outburst song. The music was directly adapted from an angry impromptu jam."

The track was one of the original four which appeared on their Bandcamp released self-titled EP at the start of the year; but unless you happened to snap it up then, like as so often happens, it has now disappeared from trace. Enjoy while it lasts this time around.

COLOUR will play a pre-match show at the City of Manchester (Etihad) Stadium on November 28.

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